What is Close Notes?

Close Notes is a meeting and sales-enablement tool specifically geared for professionals who hold face-to-face meetings. Within Close Notes you can set monthly goals and track activities, keep track of activities and their priority, take detailed and outcome-focused meeting notes, record post-meeting notes for tracking and next steps, and take general notes for day-to-day management. Close Notes is a single productivity and meeting planner, in one place!


Why should I use paper over digital?

Studies have regularly shown that handwritten notes, when compared to digital note-taking, allow you to remember and recall information with better acuity and faster. We believe this is critically important in sales where those who “speak the customer’s language” are more successful.

Furthermore, we believe opening a digital device that has a vertical screen creates a barrier between attendees. Subconsciously, studies have shown when people are being dishonest or have something to hide, they create distance and place objects between them and other individuals. Whether that is the intent or not doesn’t matter. We’re biologically wired to interpret this feedback in this manner. This promotes distrust, can be distracting, and minimizes collaboration among meeting stakeholders.

How does close notes help with sales?

We find sales professionals fail most often when trying to create value and solve customer-specific problems. Why do they fail? Because they usually don’t ask the right questions. Often times, they do not quantify data that matters. Remember, selling is both an art and a science. It’s also emotional and logical. You need to tell a great story and back it up with customer-specific data! By leveraging the thought-provoking segments for meetings, you’ll leave each meeting with critical information that enables you to stay focused on your customer and their challenges.

What about CRM systems?

CRM’s are critical to business management; there’s no question. However, in face-to-face meetings, why would you open a tool that contains confidential and sensitive information? Did you know that doctors usually document sensitive information about their patients that may offend the patient if they saw it? You are the doctor for your customer!