What Can Be Customized?

Everything! We will work with you to develop a brand-oriented design that utilizes your logo, color scheme, font, and methodology. We format our journal and planners to accomplish more in a single tool. Many employees use individual notebooks for tasks, daily notes, goals, meeting notes, and activity tracking. Instead of utilizing 5 different notebooks, your team can use one which provides additional synergy!

Long story short, everything is possible!

What’s the process?



Work with our team to understand your unique needs. It’s important that we understand your business process, target market, sales organization structure and sales methodology—if you have one. We can make recommendations or listen to your specific needs.

Consulting includes:

  • Review stylistic needs (brand book, logos, fonts, colors, styles)

  • Select appropriate material and sizing (A4, A5 sizes, hardcover canvas, ribbon bookmarks, paper weight, number of pages)

  • Understand key inclusions and sections (methodology and key terms, calendar, goal pages, daily activity pages, meeting pages, etc.)

  • Role-specific considerations - Consider different formats for different roles. For example, it might be best to deploy multiple styles for specific functions.



We’ll work through an initial design based on the data provided in your consultation. We’ll present initial designs back to you for consideration and potential changes. Once your review and feedback is complete, we’ll work through a second round of design edits to present a final design. final vision to you for review and reconsiderations. Once the initial design and review period is over.

We can work through final revisions for sample creation. Some things to consider:

  • Content should be intentional. Every page should count.

  • Determine how long you intend each book to last and build content to support use.


Sample Delivery

After completing initial design, samples will be ordered for review. You’ll receive tangible samples for final consideration and have the opportunity to make minor changes. If changes are significant, this will result in additional cost. Our objective is to get it right the first time, and provide enough digital-based feedback so major changes are unnecessary,

Manufacturing and Final Delivery

In approximately, 30-60 days, you can expect final delivery of your customized business productivity journal! Once the first order is completed, we’ll maintain your design data for future orders when your supplies run out. As your process and business needs change, we can go through a less significant retooling process. Rest assured, we understand business needs to be agile and dynamic. We’re here to help!