Why Did We Start Close Notes?

For the past ten years, we’ve worked as professional sales experts, sales engineers and sales trainers. We’ve managed teams and led change. Through it all and among the many changes, we noticed that one thing never changed. The majority of sales professionals genuinely struggle and underperform.

When I started training salespeople, I noticed one common flaw among those that underperform. They do not focus on the right topics and they do not ask the right questions.

Let me ask you if this sounds familiar:

Salesperson: Are you looking for a new XYZ partner?

Customer: No.

What about this:

Salesperson: Do you wish you could accomplish XYZ more?

Customer: No, not really a concern.

Regardless of your performance, I can guarantee that you’ve been asked questions like this, or may have even asked them yourself. It’s okay - we probably did at one point or another too.

Either way, today is the day that changes.

We set out to solve a major problem with the majority of sales professionals we see—asking the right questions. This extends beyond this simple statement. It means asking open-ended questions, drilling down into problems, challenges, concerns, and goals. Quantifying information that can be used to demonstrate value and return on the investment. Think about how the right questions change your customers response:

Salesperson: How do you accomplish XYZ today?

Customer: Well, we do…

Salesperson: What are the 2 or 3 major challenges you experience when doing it this way?

Salesperson: How much time does that take you?

Do you think those types of questions can keep a conversation going and actually uncover a problem that you can actually solve?

Close Notes is focused on these tasks and reinforcing them. It’s a tool to be used in every meeting and has enough topic flexibility to fit within any sales process. We didn’t want to simply stop there, however. Our secondary goal was to eliminate clutter and simplify your workspace. For that reason, we’ve done our best to put the critical day-to-day functions within Close Notes so you can plan, manage to-do’s, hold customer meetings, track goals, and take general notes.

What that said, we want to open up to you. We’re here to listen and help facilitate better conversations, solve more problems for your customers—and through it all, help you be a trusted advisor and salesperson.

What do you think?